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Fruit and Region

The most exquisite way of preserving fruit over the long term is the noble brandy. True to its motto, you will find the finest distillates of apricot, grape, pear, and quince as well as rudiments of nut and gin.

"Gin, noble brandy and liqueur, regional and fruity, from a Traisental granny’s recipe book, created in the Förthof winery with lots of passion and dedication, are just the right thing for connoisseurs and all those who want to become one!"

Annika Hoffmann, cellar master at Weingut Förthof


Lemon freshness and a floral scent characterize our juniper essence.



Fruity and regional, this is how Wachau apricot, Waldviertel quince, Williams pear, grape, and pomace come together.



In the recipe book of a Traisental granny, we discovered the best recipe for the fermentation of the green walnut.