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Our wines

Origin and character

With the 2021 vintage, we vinified our first own harvest. Our range comprises - based on the internationally known quality pyramid - area wines, village wines, and single vineyard wines

"Preserving our cultural landscape is a matter of heart for us: close to nature in the vineyard and with the least possible intervention in the wine cellar, with a lot of love and dedication to details, which produces wines with character.

Annika Hoffmann, Winemaker at Winery Förthof


It's Wine o'clock

"It’s Wine O’Clock!" at the winery. On Wednesdays from 4pm - 7pm and on Fridays from 3pm-6pm, cellar master Annika opens her doors for wine sales and tastings.

With love and passion, she tells stories from the vineyard and the wine cellar. She is looking forward to spoiling you with our first own vintage and spirits produced in-house.

Single vineyard wines

The westernmost vineyard of the Kremstal wine-growing region is the sun-kissed Pfaffenberg. Together with Gaisberg and Kögl, it is the heart of our vineyards. The steep vineyard terraces and the special soil composition of Gföhler gneiss and mica slate characterize our unique vineyard wines. 

Ried Steiner Gaisberg - Grüner Veltliner - Kremstal DAC Reserve
Ried Steiner Pfaffenberg
- Riesling - Kremstal DAC Reserve
Ried Steiner Kögl - Riesling - Kremstal DAC Reserve

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Village wines

Stein an der Donau, for centuries a small town on the Danube and today a district of Krems, is part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site Wachau and is characterized by primary rock terraces.
On these southern slopes our classy Riesling and full-bodied Grüner Veltliner grow.

Stein - Grüner Veltliner - Kremstal DAC
Stein - Riesling - Kremstal DAC

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Area wines

In 1220, Rapoto de Urfahr and his father Walchun, as the first feudatories of the ferry, connected the north and south banks of the Danube. In 2021, more than 800 years later, they became the namesakes of our regional wines. 
Fresh and fruity, Walchun and Rapoto provide us with tangy drinking pleasure today.

Walchun - Grüner Veltliner - Wachau DAC
Rapoto - Gelber Muskateller

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A true miracle of nature. Our Prädikatswein (special quality wine) contains only the very best sweet berries and ensures exceptional experience.

Ried Steiner Kögl - Riesling - Beerenauslese (vintage wine of selected grapes)

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Online Shop

You want to buy our wines through an online store? No problem.
Our wines are available via Wein und Wachau Gottwald and Pub Klemo.