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On the southern slopes of the Kögl, Gaisberg and Pfaffenberg hills, our wine has been growing on century-old terraces, making it a wine of special quality. Our love for local wines is deeply rooted in our hearts, as is our fascination for wines and fine spirits. We would love to accompany you on your path to discover this love and fascination for yourself.

Our company

We are the youngest winery in the Kremstal / Wachau region, yet we draw on decades of experience in viticulture. Our expertise, modern cellar management, and passion for good drinks are the guarantee for excellent wines and spirits. We cultivate our vineyards close to nature, because the preservation of the species-rich, traditional cultural landscape is close to our hearts. We are convinced that WINERY FÖRTHOF wines and spirits will soon be the toast of the town.


Our wine shop

Have a look around our tasting room, which can also be booked for public and individual wine tastings. Annika Hoffmann, a true wine connoisseur and managing director of the winery, enjoys telling stories from the vineyard while filling your glasses with wine or delicious spirits.

Would you like to taste our products for yourself? Visit us in our Vinothek wine shop, at the gateway to the beautiful Wachau. On Wednesdays (4-7pm) and on Fridays (3-6pm), "It's Wine O'Clock!" at the winery.


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Our wines

With the 2021 vintage, we vinify our first own harvest. Following the internationally known quality pyramid, our range will include appealing area wines, fine village wines, and single vineyard wines. We will also have sparkling variations for you soon.


Our wines

Our spirits

The most exquisite way of preserving fruit over the long term is the fruit brandy. True to this motto, we offer the finest distillates of apricot, grape, pear and quince, as well as nut and gin.


Our Spirits


Experiencing wine

Go on a discovery tour with cellar master Annika through our wine assortment. By the way: It's not only wine she has for you to taste, delicious spirits are also waiting for you.

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