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Hotel & Restaurant

Well-being in bliss


Can you create a place where bliss is everywhere? We're certain: Yes, if you have the right key! Thanks to our 3 keys to bliss, we can offer you the right setting for your well-being starting in 2024/2025. The finest regional specialties and excellent wines will make your stay an unforgettable overall experience.

New construction of our hotel

To the left and right of the Förthof residence, two new building sections are being constructed. They will accommodate the 60 rooms of the FÖRTHOF hotel. The restaurant, bar, and vinotheque will be housed in the professionally renovated, historic residence.


Renovation of the historic Förthof residence

The historic Förthof residence is a listed building and is renovated in compliance with all official requirements. It will carefully be introduced to its new purpose. The entire project is guided by archaeologists and experts on architectural history.


Hotel, restaurant and winery

Construction progress

We are working at full speed to ensure that DER FÖRTHOF will soon be reconstructed and shining again.

Construction pogress


Reservation request

Sign up now for our mailing list. This will help us to keep you updated during the pre-opening phase. However, it will still take some time until then, so thank you for your understanding.



Experiencing wine

Go on a discovery tour with cellar master Annika through our wine assortment. By the way: It's not only wine she has for you to taste, delicious spirits are also waiting for you.

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